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Thursday, June 7, 2007
Joan of Arc

Difford & Tilbrook have reunited and Squeeze will play (hopefully WITH the dreamy Jools Holland) at the Beacon Theatre in NY August 3.  Chances I'll go: zero.  How much would I love to go: A lot (A lot, a lot as Lindsay Lohan says in "The Parent Trap" before her world collapsed).

 Paris is out of jail due to the impending doom of a nervous breakdown.  We, all Angelenos, are the laughing stock of the world.  And do I blame them? No.  She will never now be able to experience the exquisite cartharsis of falling back into the loving arms of the once sneering public twenty three days from now.  No more Joan of Arc for you my dear.

Should I worry that I can hear my son's car approaching almost two blocks away due to his new serious sub woofer woofer woof speakers? No?  They are alarming.  I dutifully sat in his car so I could "try out" his new system unaware of course that my eardrums  could  be wrecked for life and his very possibly are already. I am sure that good parents sit there and ooh and aah and think of lovely things to say and i did try, truly i did, but I was just a little lame. I mean, what do you say?  If you're not a boy, I mean?  And hard-wired for things like sound systems.

Posted by misswhistle at 20:37 PDT
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